Q) Does it matter what agency I am certified through?
     A) No, as long as it is a legitimate recognized agency. However, when it comes to your PSD Certification, the real          question should be: are you trained well enough to conduct a mission (in black water) quickly, safely, proficiently,          all in a comfortable and confident manner? If you cannot answer this with a positively 100% without a          doubt....YES, (be honest with yourself) then you should consider taking another PSD course. Even if your team is          confident with their PSD skills, it never hurts to take another PSD course. Take what you like from the course, and          works best for your team and use it. "Works best" means safest and most efficient", not necessarily easiest.

     Q) Do I have to have a certain make or brand of equipment?
     A) No, the only equipment requirements are that it is properly serviced, and that you are comfortable and extremely          familiar with it.

     Q) Who administers the swim test and the scuba skills assessment?
     A) Your Team Leader, Dive Officer, Training Officer, or one of their designees. An insured Scuba Instructor may also          administer test. Your Team Leader has the overall responsibility of verifying the swim test and assessment have          been conducted satisfactory.

     Q) What happens if team member misses the monthly training dive?
     A) The member must make up training (before the next training day).