PSD Tracker is an intuitive, fun, and motivating web based program designed to be the ULTIMATE (out of the water) Safety Tool for Public Safety Divers. It is also the tool that drives the National Public Safety Diver Accreditation Program (NPSDAP).

Benefits of PSD Tracker:    
A) Reduces Liability    
B) Reduces Risk    
C) Saves Money   
D) Saves Time    
E) Motivates individual team members to attend training    
F) Motivates individual members to keep their equipment and certifications current    
G) Safely and securely stores all info in one place    
H) Adds overall safety to a PSD Team and individual team members, whether it is Divers, Tenders, Medical Personnel, etc.

Equipment Management: It is vitally important that a diver's equipment is serviced appropriately and according to the manufacturer's recommendations, especially in Public Safety Diving where we come into contact with less than desirable water and very demanding conditions. After all, this is LIFE SUPPORT equipment we are talking about! The PSD Tracker logs all equipment utilized by the Dive Team or by the individual members, and sends out notifications when service dates are coming up, and notifications when equipment is past due service. As professional Dive Teams, we want to be as safe as possible. It is easy for a team or individual with several sets of equipment to unintentionally allow a piece of equipment to be used in training, or a mission, when it is well beyond its service due date. If that piece of equipment malfunctions during training or a call-out, and someone (either someone on the team, or a victim) suffers injuries or death related to that equipment malfunction; there is a liability factor that will fall on someone's shoulders.

PSD Tracker helps ensure that all equipment utilized by the dive team or individual member has been appropriately serviced according to the manufacturer’s specifications. When equipment is entered into the system, it automatically populates the service dates. The service dates are based upon the manufacturers recommended service periods (diver inputs 1, 2, or 3 year service). PSD Tracker will also automatically populate VIP and Hydro dates for scuba cylinders.

Trying to keep track of all the team's equipment the service dates, etc can be very time consuming! PSD Tracker stores all this information in one neatly organized web based program. The system Notifies Team Leader, Equipment Officer, or any person requested when equipment is coming up for service and when equipment is past service due date.

PSD Tracker will send an email when equipment is 2 months away from service, 1 month away from service, one week from service. If the service is not completed, the system will send a notification that the equipment has been taken out of service. The system will automatically put the equipment back into service, once the service has been completed and the service date has been inputted into the system. When the team member logs in to PSD Tracker, it will make a notification if there is equipment in need of service.

Certification Management: Another daunting task of managing a PSD Team is keeping track of team member certifications. Certifications can range anywhere from recreational scuba, public safety diving, technical diving, medical field, rope rescue, swiftwater rescue, animal rescue, etc. Teams need to keep track of every team member’s certifications, especially those certifications that need to be updated or renewed. PSD tracker will notify the team member one month out of a certification coming up for renewal. It will also make a notification when a certification has expired.

Training Management: PSD Tracker logs team training and individual training. The Team Training Officer simply enters the upcoming training into the system. The system will automatically send out an e-mail notification to all members of the team. The team members will have the option to respond to the training notification by selecting: Yes, No, or Maybe. At any time the Training Officer, Team Leader, or any other member of the team can see who is attending the training; hopefully everyone! Once the selected training has been completed, the Training Officer (or whoever is selected as an admin) can update the attendance record if needed.

Documentation Management: PSD Tracker maintains proper documentation of all calls: body recovery, vehicle recovery, evidence recovery, swiftwater rescue, stand-by water rescue, flood rescue, etc. It maintains proper documentation of ALL training by the Team and each individual member. It provides proper documentation of all equipment in use and the service dates for each piece of equipment.